The prom season 2018 is here and I am sure you are beautiful and handsome at the prom and it could be one of the best time you have in your whole life! Do you dance at prom? Do you save the wonderful moments with your phone, camera or camcorder by photos and videos?

Now, here comes the question: what do we do with those photos and videos or recordings you take during the prom 2018 after the prom?  I will always recommend you guys to make a backup of your 2018 prom videos and photos. If you want to share your prom videos and photos to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc, I suggest you watermark them from being pirated and edit them to be more impactful. In this post, I will give you all prom video and photo solutions on how to backup, recover, convert, edit, transfer and burn 2018 prom videos and photos!

It is always recommended to backup 2018 prom video and photo first. You will never know how important a backup is until you lose them. In my previous posts on how to backup FIFA World Cup 2018 videos, photos, and recordings, I recommend 4 ways to fully backup videos and photos and it will also work for 2018 Prom Video and Photo backup!

Backup 2018 Prom Video and Photo from iOS/Android to HDD

If you record your 2018 prom dance with your phone, no matter it is an iOS or Android device, I recommend you to transfer those videos and photos to HDD or external hard drive. And, Wondershare dr.fone iOS and Android transfer is the very tool to transfer and backup 2018 prom video and photo to your PC or Mac.

Follow the above buttons to download a copy of Wondershare dr.fone toolkit. To backup prom video and photos from iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPad, or Android phones and tablets, move the mouse to Transfer and hit download. Connect your phone or tablet as requested and start the backup!

After you transfer prom video and photo to your computers, it is easy to backup them to YouTube, pCloud, DropBox. 

Recover 2018 Prom Video/Recording and Photo

It is heart-breaking to lose your prom dance recording but it is still possible to recover the lost prom videos, recordings, and photos from iOS/Android, HDD, SSD, Camera, Camcorder, USB Drive, SD Card etc on PC/Mac.

Recover Prom Video/Photo from iOS/Android

Dr.Fone is a collection of iOS or Android tools for you to recover, transfer, backup and restore, switch, erase etc and Recover is the featured function of Dr.Fone. You can only activate the function each module you need. Instead of backing up your 2018 prom videos and photos, it is also able to recover the lost ones! 

Download a trial from the above buttons, click Recover, connects your devices and start scanning.

Recover 2018 Prom Video/Recording/Photo from HDD/SSD/USB/SD/Camera/Camcorder

Dr.Fone Recover is only able to recover lost data on your phone or tablet. If you happen to lose your memorable prom videos or photos on your HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD/FT card, Camera, camcorder etc, Wondershare Recoverit is right here to help and it is very helpful to recover World Cup videos for me as well!

Just follow the above buttons to download the 2018 prom video/photo recovery software for your PC or Mac. Choose one recovery mode, start scanning and recover your lost data! It is just as easy as that.

Edit 2018 Prom Video/Recording

Adding special effects to your 2018 prom dancing video will make it unique, more attractive, and more memorable, I promise you! And Wondershare Filmora, one of the best video editor for prom videos or recordings, is able to edit 2018 prom video or recording with over 1000 special effects which are continuously updated monthly for easier video editing! You are about to download the prom video editor and save 20% on the full version here:

Wondershare gives step-by-step text-image guides and YouTube guide how to your Filmora to make professional video editing here. I use it to watermark my FIFA World Cup videos and create photo slideshow from photos as well.

Burn 2018 Prom Video/Photo

Backing up 2018 Prom videos/recording and photos to discs is recommended by me simply because discs can be kept longer than hard drives. And Filmora, as well as Wondershare Video Converter Ulitmate, is able to burn prom videos and photos after your editing. And I’d also like to recommend Leawo DVD Creator for you to burn 2018 prom videos and photos as it is more straightforward and burns prom photos to DVDs as a slideshow. You are also able to burn photos and videos together to playable DVDs.

In my previous post, I have explained in detail how to burn FIFA 2018 World Cup videos to DVDs, you can check it for reference as it also applies for 2018 prom video/recording and photo burning.

add video photo to burn

Convert 2018 Prom Video/Recording

For any reason you want to convert your dancing video at the prom to whatever format you need, like MP4 for streaming on Plex, ProRes for editing on Final Cut Pro, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is your best option.


With the support of almost all video codecs, you are able to convert 2018 prom dancing videos or recordings no matter what video format it is. AVCHD? No problem. MKV, AVI, M2TS/MTS, MMV, H264, MPEG2? Easy! Wanna convert prom videos to MP4, AVI, VOB? A piece of cake to Wondershare!

What you need to do is just add your video, pick up a format you need, and hit Convert! Leave the rest to Wondershare and have a cup of coffee, and then enjoy your converted 2018 prom videos!

mov to mp4

All You Need Here! Backup/Recover/Convert/Edit/Transfer/Burn 2018 Prom Videos/Photos
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