How to Convert World Cup Video/Photo to Plex Media Server

I know Plex is very good for watching videos on your smart TV, Ruku or somewhere else, but I am sure there is a common error to you all that says “This server is not powerful enough to convert video”. As is explained by Plex here, you may probably have to transcode/convert your video to a more Plex compatible video format. And when you try to play FIFA World Cup videos/recordings on Plex, this error looks like more common than usual because most of your HD recordings by camcorders like MPEG-2 and AVCHD are NOT supported by Plex server. And you will have to transcode or convert FIFA World Cup Video 2018 to Plex for playback.

The below blog post discuss so.

What media formats are supported by Plex?

Plex on smart TVs uses your TV’s built-in player to play media files, so the supported media formats all depend on the smart TV. Also, due to the limited codec support, Plex Media Server is NOT possible to play all media files. According to the official blog, Plex explains in detail the supported media formats here:

direct play format plex

In short, the MP4 container with AAC music is the most compatible for Plex, no matter its on smart TVs, Roku, iOS/Android apps.

So, the key point to be able to play your Russia World Cup videos/recordings on Plex, if you have problem play them, is to transcode and convert them to more Plex compatible format.

World Cup Video/Recording to Plex Transcoder/Converter

Wondershare UniConverter is widely recommended by me as my all-in-one World Cup video or recording solution and I’d like to recommend it to convert FIFA World Cup videos and recordings to Plex as well!

This is just because it’s powerful in video transcoding and supports a large number of codecs and formats, even the very old one MMV from Sony and the latest AVCHD and converts them to Plex compatible video and audio.

Also, with High-Speed Conversion Mode, you are able to increase your World Cup Video to Plex conversion speed by up to 200%!

Feel free to have a free trial of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, it is available on both PC and Mac and supports the latest macOS and will be upgraded to 64 bit for the coming macOS 10.14 Mojave. [How to Rip Bluray DVD on Mojave]

How to Convert World Cup Video to Plex

Wondershare UniConverter is able to convert all kinds of 2018 FIFA World Cup videos and recordings, no matter they are in MOV, AVCHD, M2TS/MTS, MKV, AVI etc. And converting those video formats to Plex Media Server is easy with just a few mouse clicks. Below is my detailed and step-by-step guide on how to convert and transcode Russia World Cup videos or recordings to Plex in MP4 AAC as it’s the most compatible and is commended by Plex officially.

Step 1. Add World Cup Videos

With Wondershare, the very World Cup video to Plex transcoder and converter, you are able to add your videos simply by drag-and-drop. Also, you are able to add the whole folder of your FIFA World Cup recordings and add directly from your HD camcorder as shown below:

Step 2. Specify/Edit Output Profile

Go to the drop-down menu of “Convert all videos to” and choose MP4 as the output. 

Click Edit button if you want to set up the video codec to H264 and audio codec to AAC. You are also able to set the resolution, frame rate, profile etc.

Step 3. Start Transcoding

Click Convert or Convert All button to start converting 2018 FIFA World Cup videos and recordings to Plex.

Again, it is highly recommended to turn on the High Conversion Speed mode.

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