How to Rip and Backup DVD American Assassin to MP4 AVI MKV for Watching on iPhone/iPad/TVs/PC/Mac?

American Assassin is on DVD now and it costs $14.96 to own the DVD for lifetime! However, do you think you can actually have the DVD for lifetime? For DVD fans that has a large collection of DVDs, I don’t think this is easy as DVDs easily get scratches, mostly by my kids. I’d always like to rip and backup my DVDs movies like American Assassin to MP4 or MKV on my Windows 10 or MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra so as to keep the DVDs for LIFETIME. 

And below is a quick guide how I am doing so, backing up DVD American Assassin to MP4 as well as watching it on iPhone and smart TVs.

If you are having trouble ripping American Assassin DVD with MakeMKV, Handbrake, DVDFab, AnyDVD, or getting various errors in ripping, check the guide and have a free trial to see if this is the very American Assassin DVD ripper and a good replacement to MakeMKV, AnyDVD etc.

DVD American Assassin Ripper for PC/Mac

There are quite a lot DVD rippers to go but I’d always like to recommend Leawo DVD Ripper as my main DVD ripping solution.

Leawo DVD Ripper can be used on both Windows and Mac platform including Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista/XP, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and even the old Mac OS X 10.6.8. It supports all kinds of DVD protection including CSS and Region Code and does a perfect job in decrypting encryption from Disney and Beachbody!

Leawo offers various output profiles. Ripping DVD to MP4 or AVI, MKV as well as iPhone/iPad, smart TVs, is easy for Leawo DVD Ripper. You can custom every profile and save as you own.

Rip and Backup DVD American Assassin to MP4 AVI MKV

Below is my guide of how I rip and backup DVD American Assassin. And MP4 will take as the example. Screenshots are made on Windows, but it also applies to the Mac version and they are almost the same. 

Step 1. Download and Install

Follow the above button to download a free trial of Leawo Prof Media and DVD Ripper is a function module in it. Install and Launch it. 

Step 2. Load American Assassin

Choose DVD Ripper or click the Convert tab on top and load DVD from “Add Blu-ray/DVD” like below:

Step 3. Main Mode

It takes seconds for Leawo to load and display the below title and preview window for you. For action movies like American Assassin, I’d like to recommend you go for Main Mode. For TV seires, and Beachbody DVD like CIZE, I recommend Custom Mode. Also you can have preview for the DVD here in the preview windows to confirm it is the right one to do, or you can use VLC player to detect the right title.

Step 4. Rip American Assassin to MP4

We are almost ready to rip! MP4 comes as the default profile and you can just hit the Convert button and leave it ripping and enjoy! 

rip american assasin to mp4

Besides, Leawo offers a Bluray ripper as function module in Leawo Prof. Media. So, if you want to rip the Bluray version of American Assassin, pick up Blu-ray ripper and this guide applies to the Bluray ripping of American Assassin as well.

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